The Accent Provides Value for Your Money

If you are looking for a subcompact car to fit your needs and budget, the Accent is one of the most popular options available and is typically available at Huntington Beach Hyundai. It comes with a smooth ride, competitive gas mileage figures and an engine that accelerates quickly in most road conditions.

The Accent is good at handling and braking on most Huntington Beach roads, and it will likely serve the needs of those who need a vehicle to get to work or school. The vehicle comes with front-wheel drive that can add extra power in slick or rough road conditions. The Accent comes standard with an manual transmission, but an automatic transmission is available.

Whether you choose a manual or automatic transmission, the engine comes with 130 horsepower. This is typical for cars in its class, and it should be enough power to feel like you are in control.



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